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Crammer is a small program intended to teach you new foreign words or any other terms, formulas etc.
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Can you remember the time, when all these language-teaching express-courses were unbelievably popular? As for me, I couldn’t believe in possibility of learning a language by just listening to some tape four times per day or something like that. I’m sure I’ll never change my mind about that. But I should admit, that it’s possible to enrich one’s vocabulary, using special programs or audio courses.
The program, which is called Crammer, is a vocabulary teacher. All you have to do is to do… nothing at all, or just keeping on working or playing – popping-up notes with one word with its translation per each note, which will appear regularly (you may set periods on your own), won’t let you forget a word you need to know. The most outstanding feature of this program is that it can show words from different dictionaries (six or seven, for example, you should only create them inside this language-teaching application). Smart interface will help you in creating your own dictionaries and in setting all the parameters of this program. I can’t say that I was too impressed, but I’m sure that Crammer could be useful for hundreds of users all over the world.

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Crammer is a program intended to teach you new foreign words or any other terms, formulas etc. without interruption from your main work.
You can create several dictionaries on the subjects you want to study, then let the Crammer remind you the words in the special "Reminder Strip" - small always-on-top window that you can move into any place on your screen.
You can upgrade your copy of the Crammer to "Pro" edition. Crammer Pro has many additional features which can help you in learning words: word statistic, special "Exam" mode, an ability to store the phonetic transcritpion and articulation for each word, and others.
Version 4.0.1
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